Definition of hosel in English:



  • The socket of a golf club head which the shaft fits into.

    • ‘It's frustrating to see players get near the green in regulation, then start circling it to the right, clanking a bunch of chip shots off the hosel.’
    • ‘Seve cut his sticks to length, whittled a point in the slender end and drove it into the hosel - the round socket at the top of the iron head.’
    • ‘I recently broke the shaft of my 3-wood at the hosel.’
    • ‘I've done some testing with impact tape and found that when I shank a shot, I am actually striking the golf ball more than once (the face and then the hosel hit the ball in succession).’
    • ‘The custom-fit hosel optimizes ball flight and reduces shaft stress for improved feel.’


Late 16th century: diminutive of hose, in the dialect sense ‘sheathing’.