Definition of hose down in English:

hose down

phrasal verb

  • 1Rain heavily.

    ‘it's fair hosing down this morning’
    • ‘Can his men rely on that helter-skelter game plan when it is hosing down in Wellington or Auckland or Hamilton?’
    • ‘The weather in North Canterbury hasn't been that flash lately: it's been hosing down for weeks.’
    • ‘This particular friend is absolutely useless at driving at night time, let alone when it's hosing down.’
    • ‘Right now, at 4.30pm, it is fair hosing down and it needs to be dry by 7.30 for the procession!’
    • ‘Our Sky Major paced the mile in 1-51.5, a time that surely would have quicker had the rain not been hosing down on the all-weather track.’
  • 2hose something downSuppress or deny something.

    ‘ministers were trying to hose down public alarm’
    • ‘Don't s'pose you blokes are any good at hosing down political controversy.’
    • ‘The company seems intent on hosing down informed public discussion about its long term plans, and the company's responsibilities to the region.’
    • ‘He fleshed out plans for a business round table advisory group on economic policy, hosing down fears of whirlwind changes.’
    • ‘The Mayor wanting to hose down community concerns.’
    • ‘Lawyers hose down this theory saying doctors should practice preventative law.’
    • ‘Suggestions that he might return to Rugby League are being hosed down today.’
    • ‘It can only be seen as complicit in letting the clubs do their own dirty work in trying to hose down or frustrate investigations.’
    • ‘The US Secretary of State has hosed down speculation of this sort.’
    • ‘The Prime Minister has moved to hose down fears about the Government's industrial relations plans.’