Definition of hose-in-hose in English:



  • (especially of a polyanthus or other primula) having petal-like sepals, and so appearing to have one corolla within another.

    • ‘Flowers can range to over 4 inches in diameter, and be single, hose-in-hose, semi-double and double.’
    • ‘True Rosebud is double, hose-in-hose, darker color, very hardy, and a slow grower.’
    • ‘There are striped, flecked, or sectored color designs, as well as self-colored flowers with or without conspicuously contrasting throats or eyes; also singles, semi-doubles, and doubles, any of which may, in addition, be hose-in-hose, that is, with sepals like petals.’
    • ‘The flowers are exceptionally striking with many semi-double and hose-in-hose forms and frilled petals.’
    • ‘A few ardent collectors preserved hose-in-hose color strains by vegetative propagation, but each plant yielded only a few offspring and disease progressively weakened the old stock.’