Definition of horsiness in English:



  • See horsey

    • ‘In the lead role, mezzo-soprano Susan Graham affected a horsiness perfectly suited to this tomboy-like role.’
    • ‘Arthur settled here in the '70s when she had two long-running television hits in a row, Maude and The Golden Girls, and remains a little perplexed by the tweedy horsiness of the area.’
    • ‘Firstly, the artist must seek and stress the ultimate, essential character of the subject, the horsiness of horses, the humanity of man, and, on a more general level, the quickness of intelligence, the pulse of life, in contrast to brute matter.’
    • ‘At that point I was sure we were going to get a scene near the conclusion wherein she implores Swayze to look past the horsiness of her face.’
    • ‘Although it had been a few years since he'd last sat astride a horse, his horsiness had come back to him and it now seemed quite natural.’