Definition of horsetailer in English:



  • A person responsible for the care of working horses.

    ‘the stockman tells the horsetailer which horse he wants for the day’
    • ‘He acted as horse-tailer and general rouseabout.’
    • ‘I saw one man washing himself, and I asked if he was the horsetailer.’
    • ‘He's assumed to have been the horse-tailer (there were 14 horses) and general camp help for the patrol.’
    • ‘The horsetailer had to wake early in the morning to find and saddle the horses for daywork.’
    • ‘The boys' cook, with the assistance of the horsetailer, manages to get up.’
    • ‘The horsetailer walks to his horse, unhobbles it, and steps onboard.’
    • ‘The horse took off to find its mates and the horsetailer caught it.’
    • ‘The old horsetailer spat out a stream of tobacco juice.’
    • ‘The other horsetailer has ridden off.’
    • ‘The horsetailer was expected any minute with a neck-bag supply to see us through.’


Mid 19th century: from horse + the Australian word tailer ‘a person who herds livestock’.