Definition of horseshoe worm in English:

horseshoe worm


  • A wormlike tube-dwelling marine animal with a horseshoe-shaped ring of ciliated tentacles (lophophore) around the mouth, extended for filter-feeding.

    Phylum Phoronida

    • ‘I have no picture of an adult horseshoe worm but I particularly like its umbrella shaped larvae.’
    • ‘However, phoronids - or ‘horseshoe worms,’ as they are sometimes called - may be abundant in shallow marine sediments at certain localities.’
    • ‘Feather duster worms, fan worms, Christmas tree worms and horseshoe worms are everywhere.’
    • ‘The fauna of these sea caves includes a range of mollusc species such as limpets Patella spp. and the horseshoe worm Phoronis hippocrepia.’
    • ‘Phoronida is a small phylum consisting of approx 15 species of worm-like creatures commonly known as phoronids or horseshoe worms.’