Definition of horseshoe crab in English:

horseshoe crab


  • A large marine arthropod with a domed horseshoe-shaped shell, a long tail spine, and ten legs, little changed since the Devonian.

    Class Merostomata, subphylum Chelicerata: four species, in particular the North American Limulus polyphemus

    • ‘Where space permits, oysters and jingle shells sometimes anchor themselves to the horseshoe crab.’
    • ‘Little changed over the past 500 million years, the chambered nautilus is considered a ‘living fossil’, like the horseshoe crab and the coelacanth.’
    • ‘The horseshoe crab, which is not really a crab but more closely related to scorpions and spiders, has been described as an armored box that moves.’
    • ‘Many arthropods are also present including the horseshoe crab Mesolimulus and the crayfish Mecochirus.’
    • ‘The horseshoe crab goes back in the fossil record over two hundred million years without any major changes.’