Definition of horseshoe bat in English:

horseshoe bat


  • An insectivorous Old World bat with a horseshoe-shaped ridge on the nose.

    Family Rhinolophidae and genus Rhinolophus: numerous species

    • ‘Each female greater horseshoe bat can produce only one offspring at a time, said Brock Fenton, a biology professor and bat expert at the University of Western Ontario.’
    • ‘The ears of another kind of bat, the horseshoe bat, cannot hear sounds the same pitch as their own calls, but can hear the echoes because they are slightly lower in pitch.’
    • ‘New species of bats have been attracted to the renovated roost, including pipistrelle bats and lesser horseshoe bats.’
    • ‘One threatened species, the lesser horseshoe bat, was only detected on organic farms.’
    • ‘Female greater horseshoe bats may choose one mate for life, and even share him with their daughters and granddaughters, creating a tight social structure.’