Definition of horseshoe in English:



  • 1A shoe for a horse formed of a narrow band of iron in the form of an extended circular arc and secured to the hoof with nails.

    • ‘On 5 November 1865 Jason Simpson informed the Chief Inspector of Police that there were no horseshoes or nails at their station.’
    • ‘Traffic congestion, the loud clatter of horseshoes and ironrimmed wheels and the smell of manure did attract occasional mention, but most references to horses in newspapers and other periodicals related to saddle horses.’
    • ‘There were three farriers in action, shoeing horses and making the horseshoes, much to the fascination of onlookers.’
    • ‘Given the association between horseshoes and good luck, perhaps Charles should send one from his polo pony, pronto.’
    • ‘Despite my advocacy of contracting, I have also for many years expressed a belief that in some ways the Army was better off when we made our own horseshoes and mime balls.’
    • ‘The work of the blacksmith has changed from horseshoes and toolmaking to decorative ironwork, welding, and car repair.’
    • ‘The shells made a clicking noise like horseshoes.’
    • ‘Her fingers are clutching a large iron horseshoe.’
    • ‘The balcony in the sanctuary was shaped like a horseshoe and extended on both sides to the choir loft at the front.’
    • ‘He took particular pleasure in making little rings out of horseshoe nails for the hundreds of school children who would come through on tours.’
    • ‘The Von Rogoff stable was almost twice as tall as any of the buildings nearby, hollow and hulking, with a deserted bird's nest tucked into the bend of the iron horseshoe nailed to the wood above the huge sliding door.’
    • ‘He also heads the PDSA centre's horse unit, where he makes sure that horses, especially the carthorses that deliver coal in Soweto, are not diseased and wear proper horseshoes.’
    • ‘The origins and meanings of such customs as a horseshoe symbolising good luck, or a farmer spitting in his hand when selling an animal, are explained at the Celtic Furrow.’
    • ‘But how long will it before the good old letter becomes as common as carbon-paper, horseshoes and buttoned flies on trousers?’
    • ‘He trudged his way down the street until he came to a shop with a swinging wooden sign hanging that read ‘Farrier’, and showed a horseshoe underneath.’
    • ‘‘If you look at classical Greek statues of people on horseback, they don't have saddles, horseshoes, or stirrups,’ Olsen said.’
    • ‘These highlands have a story to tell, one illustrated by railroad ties, horseshoes, and rusty scraps of metal - as well as big-tooth aspen and red spruce saplings poking through the snow.’
    • ‘They placed several orders a month with their suppliers by telephone, and they could generally receive shipments of bolts, horseshoes, or plow parts in less than three days.’
    • ‘The stones are piled in crude fencerows that now mark the perimeter of our land, while iron harrow teeth, pieces of chain and horseshoes rust away in the fields.’
    • ‘The dull thud of horse hooves on the packed earth changed suddenly to the loud clacking of iron horseshoes on a paved road.’
    1. 1.1 A horseshoe, or a representation of one, regarded as bringing good luck.
      • ‘They were not very varied in design and the emphasis was on good luck charms such as four-leaf clovers, horseshoes and wishbones, again set with tiny diamonds.’
      • ‘Vanessa, who sports a tiny horseshoe protruding from her nostrils, is applying to the adult division, too, having been kicked out of Belmont at age 18.’
      • ‘I keep wearing this diamond horseshoe necklace for good luck.’
      • ‘Now the trust has applied for a grant for almost £2,500 from a local council to recast a brand new stainless steel horseshoe in the hope that it will bring back good luck to Paisley.’
      • ‘Jarred and Shannon were holding two horseshoes each; Jarred's were blue and Shannon's were silver.’
      • ‘It was a 14 kt gold necklace with a 14 kt gold horseshoe, an old fashioned symbol of good luck.’
      • ‘Logoed with an emblematic horseshoe, Aigner is an industry by-word for quality in lifestyle.’
      • ‘On top of the talent, the horseshoe logo the Colts wear on their helmets might actually give them a little luck this year, too.’
      • ‘We'll put a horseshoe over the arch of every door for good luck.’
      • ‘You knew it was time to swear off the charm trend when your mom showed up at dinner with little horseshoes and roller skates dangling from her wrist.’
      • ‘On the other hand, if you're stocked up with four-leaf clovers, horseshoes and other lucky charms, who knows - you could win big, dwarfing the amount a savings account could have paid you.’
      • ‘Charlie attributes his lousy luck to the loss of his rabbit's foot and horseshoe.’
      • ‘So besides arming yourself with four-leaf clovers, horseshoes, and rabbit's feet, what do you do if you're one of Buffalo's players?’
    2. 1.2 Something resembling a horseshoe in shape.
      as modifier ‘a horseshoe bend’
      • ‘This less reverberant ambience is, of course, helpful where vocal clarity is of high importance, but the horseshoe shape results in a restricted view of the stage from many of the boxes at either side.’
      • ‘The shape doesn't matter, you can build a horseshoe or square shape.’
      • ‘I shaped the tube into a horseshoe and lined it up with a flashlight as the third part of the science fair exhibit.’
      • ‘Smiling Rosetta made her way to the front of the horseshoe where the band was waiting and blew the attention whistle.’
      • ‘To make sure her visit proved to be a winner, Mrs Hamer's friends presented her with a betting manual and a gold brooch in the shape of a horseshoe.’
      • ‘The knowledge that all these structures are ephemeral was dramatically reinforced on the first night, when Cai Guo-Qiang set fire to Zaha Hadid's stepped horseshoes of ice and snow.’
      • ‘He said he left the house and ran around the block, which is shaped like a horseshoe, looking for the women's assailants.’
      • ‘RVSD's physical boundaries form a horseshoe around the west, north and east boundaries of the City of Calgary.’
      • ‘Especially in longitudinal sections it is clearly seen how the usually uniform row of horseshoes loosens up and is broadened by numerous steeply arranged normal dissepiments.’
      • ‘The Curragh is a right-handed horseshoe shaped course with a circuit of two miles with no sharp bends and a straight run-in of three furlongs uphill.’
      • ‘The floor plan of the house forms a horseshoe with the flat end pointing north and the two wings south, the western wing elongated to accommodate the apartment.’
      • ‘A horseshoe bend on the Palmer River offered a flat and beautiful campsite.’
      • ‘‘I pulled the lever, and three horseshoes came up,’ he said.’
      • ‘To create an engineer, you draw a shape like a squared-off horseshoe.’
      • ‘The remote Howgill fell between Sedbergh and Tebay attracted a senior field of 70 runners who competed over a testing horseshoe route that involved a big climb from the start line.’
      • ‘This is the Nuba Mountain region, a horseshoe of hills broken off by plains in central Sudan.’
      • ‘The complex, shaped like a horseshoe, will have three separate buildings containing 100 tiered apartments with views of the sand and sea.’
      • ‘The image of the horse and rider is framed by a beige horseshoe trimmed in black and flanked by red roses that represent the traditional blanket of roses presented to each Derby winner.’
      • ‘The business had belonged to a German called Eislinger, whose name in a horseshoe of gold letters on the shop window had not yet been removed a month or so after hostilities had commenced.’
      • ‘I walked around the bend of the horseshoe, and came to a path at the bottom of a small hill.’
    3. 1.3North American treated as singular A game resembling quoits in which horseshoes are thrown at a peg.
      • ‘If you want to enjoy the outdoors you can take a walk by Jung Creek which runs along the back of KickBack Flats or play a game of horseshoes or washer toss.’
      • ‘This resembles the American game of horseshoes.’
      • ‘You can do everything from hot-air balloon rides to horseshoes to herbal body wraps.’
      • ‘At Toussus, the main recreation, aside from the jaunts to Paris and Versailles, was the old American sport of horseshoes.’
      • ‘A bluegrass band was playing, and families were sprawled all over the lawn outside the restaurant listening, picnicking, or playing horseshoes.’
      • ‘Activities for children included jockey T-shirt tosses, horseshoe decorating, and name the yearling contests.’
      • ‘The lake has two boat ramps popular with anglers in summer and a campground with a sand volleyball court, horseshoe pits, and a basketball hoop (balls and horseshoes available on loan).’
      • ‘There were fencing arenas, croquet wickets, balls to toss at targets, archery ranges, horseshoes and stakes, tracks for footraces, and more.’
      • ‘Other events include children's rodeo, pool tournament, horseshoes and bingo.’
      • ‘Hey, you boys wanna play a few games of horseshoes?’
      • ‘For entertainment, there's baseball, basketball, volleyball and tennis, a cricket pitch, horseshoes and a rolling green golf course.’
      • ‘That evening, while the ranch hands entertained themselves with games of horseshoes, Lennie stayed alone in the barn holding his pup.’
      • ‘It is a distant cousin of horseshoes and a close relative of bocce, but Petanque requires no specially prepared court - it can be played on most outdoor surfaces at any time.’
      • ‘I don't see where my father is, then I spot him playing horseshoes, completely oblivious as usual.’
      • ‘Choose from billiards, horseshoes, tag games, hockey, Frisbee, tug of war, jump ropes, running, or bowling, just to name a few.’
      • ‘At night, we played horseshoes until dark, and then we listened to the radio in the bunkhouse.’
      • ‘Antique doors, which are mounted to the front of the pergola, create a frame for the swing and can be shut to protect the sitting area when horseshoes are being tossed (as shown in photo at right).’
      • ‘A guy loses $100 playing horseshoes, so he takes his children out in the woods and leaves them there, driving off with his wife who simply goes along with the idea of leaving their children in the woods.’
      • ‘We played cards and horseshoes, there was music and dancing, activities for kids, a beach nearby - very low key, very fun.’
      • ‘For instance if you ever played throwing rings or horseshoes, the horseshoe falls upon the spindle in a very loose way.’