Definition of horsemint in English:



  • A tall coarse kind of mint.

    Genera Mentha and Monarda, family Labiatae: several species and hybrids

    • ‘Members of the mint family, horsemints all have strongly aromatic foliage, the fragrances varying between the species.’
    • ‘There are horsemints and mountain mints.’
    • ‘In central Texas, coreopsis, brown-eyed susans, bull nettle, purple horsemint, basil beebalm, lantana and dayflowers continue to bloom.’
    • ‘Other names for this plant are plains horsemint, tall horsemint, lemon-mint, and lemon beebalm.’
    • ‘I could stand downwind of those horsemints while working them over with the bullwhip and it really smelled nice as the plants were shredded to pieces.’


Middle English: from horse (often used in the names of plants to denote a coarse variety) + mint.