Definition of horsehair in English:



mass noun
  • Hair from the mane or tail of a horse, typically used in furniture for padding.

    as modifier ‘a horsehair mattress’
    • ‘Quality furniture formerly used horsehair stuffing, and this may still be present in some antiques.’
    • ‘In 1857, an efficient power wire loom had been developed; one of the early uses was for kitchen sieves, which previously had been made from horsehair.’
    • ‘All the experiments were carried out on horsehair fibers taken from the tail.’
    • ‘A few of them had dyed horsehair forming a mane along the top of their helmet.’
    • ‘I don't go around whipping myself and wearing horsehair shirts.’
    • ‘In this new upholstery, the same interlaced webbing was still used, but it supported a group of springs rather than horsehair.’
    • ‘By 1849 the discreet euphemism ‘dress-improver’ was in use, and by 1853 bustles were being made with rolls of crinoline (a mixture of horsehair and linen).’
    • ‘These tautly stretched lines consist of single strands of horsehair, arranged in an elegant composition that brings to mind the great horizontal tableaux of Barnett Newman.’
    • ‘The Italians are wearing black robes with ornate gold braid on their shoulders; the British, horsehair wigs; the Dutch and French, simple, unadorned black robes.’
    • ‘To characterize the effect of the sample preparation procedure on the keratin structure, WAXS patterns were recorded for three groups of four horsehair fibers.’
    • ‘Though Western riders can use a bitless halter and a ‘Mecate’ rein made of woven horsehair, Sarah is able to guide her horse just by pressure from her legs and shifting her bodyweight.’
    • ‘Early wigs were made of black horsehair, dressed daily with powder and a scented ointment called pomatum, which had ruinous effects on the wearer's clothes.’
    • ‘Inlaid furniture, kilim rugs with horsehair tassels, and multicolored lamps with crescent moons complete the decorative program.’
    • ‘The commonest materials for Western stringed instruments are gut, metal, and latterly plastic, though such other materials as silk and horsehair have been used.’
    • ‘The furnishings included a massive desk in the Empire style, a table with an Italian marble top, sofas and chairs with horsehair seats, and a billiard table.’
    • ‘The nests are usually constructed of mud mixed with straw, grasses, or horsehair, and cemented to the vertical surfaces of old beams or rafters.’
    • ‘At the reception, I counted five horsehair wigs.’
    • ‘The main difference, though, lay in the padding - either lamb's wool or horsehair - Broughton incorporated into his gloves to soften blows.’
    • ‘Heaven forbid they see me in my typical trail riding attire: comfy jeans, western blouse and cowboy hat, complete with braided horsehair stampede string.’
    • ‘They use small ‘bows’ made from Popsicle sticks and rosined horsehair and draw them back and forth across the piano's strings to produce melodies, drones, and staccato rhythmic figures.’