Definition of horsebox in English:



  • A vehicle or trailer equipped with a compartment or container for transporting one or more horses.

    • ‘PC Burham explained how it's suspected that offenders are renting barns or large outbuildings from farmers and using the space to dismantle, paint or change horseboxes and trailers before selling them on.’
    • ‘As the women made their protest, motorists began inching up the grass verge to get past their horseboxes, or made a series of tight manoeuvres to turn away.’
    • ‘There were, of course, many shops selling equestrian items, anything from saddles, bridles, horseboxes and therapeutic equipment for horses.’
    • ‘The horsebox was not widely available until the 1930s.’
    • ‘The clean lines and big 17-inch alloy wheels can certainly cut a dash in the company car park, before heading home for the weekend to hitch up the horsebox to go off into the wild green yonder.’
    • ‘‘I even mentioned I was thinking of buying an old horsebox and doing that up to put my museum in,’ Mr Haddock said.’
    • ‘Recovery vehicles were called in to take away two trailers and a horsebox for examination.’
    • ‘All horseboxes will be washed and sprayed on arrival and power washed and disinfected on departure.’
    • ‘There weren't enough stables at Gowran Park that day and Rathgar Beau had to be left in the horsebox.’
    • ‘In due course, the horse arrived with the vet, groom, and an equerry, in a large horsebox.’
    • ‘The accident record didn't warrant the excessive measures proposed by the scheme and the humps would create noise pollution as vehicles including farm vehicles, horseboxes and towed trailers negotiated the humps.’
    • ‘No matter what you are towing, be it a caravan horsebox or trailer, certain rules apply.’
    • ‘Sadly the promised horse and dray couldn't make it because the horsebox broke down on the M6.’
    • ‘The company employs 400 staff at its factories in Cynwyd, Bala and Corwen making agricultural trailers and horseboxes.’
    • ‘Last Tuesday they blockaded the Forth Road Bridge with tractors and horseboxes and last Friday they brought traffic to a virtual standstill on the M74, the A1 and A68 roads on the border.’
    • ‘She came into season like clockwork, we took her to the stud yard, 15 minutes later she was back in the horsebox and we were on our way home.’
    • ‘There is a general flurry of activity as horseboxes are unloaded, horses harnessed to their carriages and bulging picnic hampers tucked on board in readiness for the lunchtime stop.’
    • ‘But as neither had runners at Wolverhampton on Saturday, the security system shouldn't have allowed either of them in or out of the stables with a horsebox in tow.’
    • ‘But neighbours further down the lane from their house have since reported hearing a metallic pinging noise and the sound of a vehicle, which police believe was probably the raiders stealing the horsebox and attaching it to a trailer.’
    • ‘He came into contact with the rear of the horsebox and that was sufficient to make Mr Neale come off his machine.’