Definition of Horse Guards in English:

Horse Guards

plural noun

  • (in the UK) the mounted squadrons provided from the Household Cavalry for ceremonial duties.

    • ‘The poem's dedicatee, ‘C.T.W.', was Trooper Charles Thomas Wooldridge, of Her Majesty's Royal Horse Guards.’
    • ‘The second son of Charles and Diana just turned 21 (this last week), and will soon emerge from Sandhurst to enter a military career, probably with the Horse Guards.’
    • ‘Royall was brigadier-general of the province's Horse Guards, the governor's ceremonial bodyguard, but he came to distrust the English governor, Francis Bernard.’
    • ‘As for the record, set in 1992 when Lord Lloyd-Webber paid 10.2m [pounds sterling] for another English-period picture, of the Horse Guards in London, its days are surely numbered.’
    • ‘Nightingale, an irregular by disposition and circumstance, conspired with reformers in the army, parliament, bureaucracy, and court to fight the diehard Horse Guards and stingy ministers.’
    • ‘One of the newcomers was Major Learner, formerly of Her Majesty's Horse Guards.’