Definition of horse float in English:

horse float


NZ, Australian
  • A vehicle for transporting one or more horses.

    • ‘Moreover, the extras were left to sleep in tents and horse floats in the bitterly cold South Island climate, without being paid float fees or allowances for working away from home.’
    • ‘Then I looked in the back of an old horse float and I could see Morgan lying down inside.’
    • ‘If anyone had said that this was going to happen, he knew that he would have locked Claire in a horse float months ago and made sure she'd never meet Peter.’
    • ‘They are quite happy to travel in a van, so a large 4WD and horse float are, sadly, no longer necessary.’
    • ‘He also drove a Chevy pickup the size of a horse float (with a gun rack), played ice hockey and worked out and ate bananas in lecture breaks.’
    • ‘Add to this an investment of $20,000 on a horse float.’