Definition of horse dealer in English:

horse dealer


  • A person who buys and sells horses.

    ‘he was a horse dealer and a keen judge of horse flesh’
    • ‘His final occupation, listed on his son's wedding certificate, was horse dealer.’
    • ‘To avoid arrest, he relocated and set up under an assumed name as a horse dealer.’
    • ‘Len said his grandfather was a very big horse dealer.’
    • ‘In 1733, he acquired an Arabian stallion from the horse dealer and coffee-house proprietor Roger Williams.’
    • ‘While he was still a boy, the family moved to Berkshire, where his father became a horse dealer.’
    • ‘Where once there were decrepit warehouses and horse dealers plying their trade, there are now acclaimed apartments and state-of-the-art tourist attractions.’
    • ‘First noticed in Britain around 1500, they acquired a reputation as itinerant craftsmen, traders, and horse dealers.’
    • ‘He heard that a horse dealer was coming to the city with 500 horses to sell.’
    • ‘He told them not to sell any grass to the horse dealer until he had sold his.’
    • ‘He was a horse dealer and stable owner, and did carriage repair.’