Definition of horse-trader in English:



  • See horse-trading

    • ‘There were few birth or marriage certificates, and when there were, the names were so strange: Lementeni Smith, his father a horse-trader, which should have set the bells ringing, but it didn't.’
    • ‘He effectively left school at his home near Toomebridge, Co Antrim, at the age of 11, going to work at the yard of a local horse-trader and ‘character’ named Billy Rock.’
    • ‘These days, horse-trader Costello prefers to watch the three-day Cheltenham Festival on television.’
    • ‘The current compromise there would have been impossible without experienced political horse-traders like Michael Somare and John Momis.’
    • ‘Early on in Everything Holy, the poem ‘The Constitution of Stars’ begins ‘the moon has moved’ and goes on to track horse-traders back to the mythic age of elephants.’