Definition of horoscope in English:



  • 1A forecast of a person's future, typically including a delineation of character and circumstances, based on the relative positions of the stars and planets at the time of that person's birth.

    ‘he gave lectures on astrology and cast horoscopes in his spare time’
    • ‘He was a child prodigy who went to Leipzig university at the age of 11, published his first almanac at the age of 12 and at age 15 was casting horoscopes for the Hapsburg Emperor Frederick III.’
    • ‘In Burma, a horoscope is cast shortly after birth and regularly consulted throughout life, especially when any major changes in normal routines have occurred or are imminent.’
    • ‘Some Arabic horoscopes were based on astronomical tables calculated in India.’
    • ‘However, my intention is not to give the delineation of my horoscope but to show how we can join occidental astrology with vedic astrology.’
    • ‘As the Queen's astrologer, Dee cast horoscopes for Elizabeth and selected the day for her coronation.’
    forecast, augury
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    1. 1.1 A short forecast for people born under a particular sign, especially as published in a newspaper or magazine.
      ‘my horoscope said it was time to do something for myself, so I phoned Georgia that evening’
      • ‘Sceptics in the media have always seen opinion polls as crooked: not as deceitful as horoscopes, but way short of the exacting standards met by the racing tipsters.’
      • ‘Of course he did have the foresight to land a job with a newspaper that thinks horoscopes are headline news.’
      • ‘But, as with horoscopes, lots of newspapers shrug it off as an ‘oh, it's just for entertainment’ thing.’
      • ‘Most newspapers carry horoscopes and such research as there is suggests more people peruse those daily than the movements on the world's stock exchanges.’
      • ‘I've started treating her articles in much the same way that I treat newspaper horoscopes: reading them results in a loss of 5 minutes of my life that I'll never get back.’
      • ‘He joined DC Thomson, where he wrote horoscopes for the women's magazine Secrets before being promoted to the unlikely role of beauty editor.’
      • ‘This means that the people who are placing bets presumably are outsiders who are getting their predictions from newspaper articles, blogs, horoscopes, etc., and then placing bets.’
      • ‘British agents decided to exploit Hitler's interest in the stars by inserting bogus horoscopes in newspapers around the world, knowing that reports of his impending demise would get back to Berlin.’
      • ‘Everyone else thinks that's a good sign, but my horoscope says to watch out on Tuesday.’
      • ‘This is one of the last major newspapers in the country not to publish a horoscope.’
      • ‘You are honestly the hardest sign to write a weekly horoscope for, Cancer.’
      • ‘However, I do find that her views about some things very conservative, for example her mum rips up her magazines if they have horoscopes in them, and she has a fear of witches!’
      • ‘The most popular form of traditional Western astrology is sun sign astrology, the kind found in the horoscopes of many daily newspapers.’
      • ‘At this point it is important to mention the ever popular horoscopes found in magazines, newspapers etc.’
      • ‘The thing I keep forgetting about all this exercise business is that no matter what my horoscope says, I am not a born athlete, unless bargain shopping is now being considered an Olympic sport.’
      • ‘The week he discovered her blog, the newspaper horoscope said he was destined to encounter love.’
      • ‘That's why many otherwise reputable newspapers and magazines run horoscopes.’
      • ‘Anyway, the newspaper horoscope is alive and well and the really good news is that it appears to be adapting well to our high-tech times.’
      • ‘As described on line, the symptoms are as vague and all-encompassing as the advice proffered in newspaper horoscopes.’
      • ‘I've lived in Los Angeles for eight years and have been writing horoscopes for gay magazines for seven of those years.’
    2. 1.2 A birth chart.
      See chart
      • ‘If we make a standard horoscope chart for December 21st, 2012 A.D., nothing very unusual appears.’
      • ‘Second, I don't believe in horoscopes or stars affecting our lives.’
      • ‘Rather than trying to synthesize chart factors into a general character profile from which all life issues can be explored, the traditional astrologer asks blunt, direct questions of the horoscope: How long will this person live?’
      • ‘What's more, astrologers will be present at the event to assist the families with the tradition of matching horoscopes.’
      • ‘In my office I think they actually hire people based on their horoscopes.’
      • ‘It is an unfortunate fact that we often learn a lot of astrology when we study the horoscopes of those who have caused or have undergone great tragedy and suffering.’
      • ‘Your brother's horoscope indicates good marketing/trading capacity.’
      • ‘Any accurate interpretation of your horoscope depends upon knowledge of an exact time of birth.’
      • ‘Depending upon its position in the horoscope, Mercury is lies or truth, open or secretive, provocative or non-confrontational.’
      • ‘Paniker not only played upon the abstraction of the words and scripts but also incorporated mathematical formulae, algebraic equations and diagrams of horoscopes.’
      • ‘To chart an accurate horoscope one needs to know the place, date and hour of birth.’
      • ‘Security is vitally important to this sign, and unless all other factors in a horoscope chart indicate artistic talent, these individuals will probably be drawn to a more stable livelihood.’
      • ‘Wherever the other planets may be placed in the horoscope, the Sun symbolizes your essential self and who you are struggling to become.’
      • ‘It was set up a decade ago for left-wingers branded trouble-makers by conventional agencies which are more used to delving into hobbies, hair colours and horoscopes.’
      • ‘A more fully-featured alternative, also free, is Astrolog, which is a full-blown horoscope charting program.’
      • ‘In personal horoscopes the position of this planet indicates an area where we are challenged to defend or assert our will.’
      • ‘The point on a horoscope chart called the North Node of the Moon is not actually a planet, but can be thought of as a doorway from your current life to your future.’
      • ‘Likewise, each planet holds sway over certain houses in a horoscope.’
      • ‘Jupiter in Cosimo de Medici II's horoscope held a dominant position, being clearly the strongest planet.’
      • ‘This explains how our birth horoscopes can foretell our character and the events of our lives.’


Old English: via Latin from Greek hōroskopos, from hōra ‘time’ + skopos ‘observer’.