Definition of hornily in English:



  • See horny

    • ‘The girls will dance hornily with other chicks or a gay guy.’
    • ‘She takes revenge for her crow feet and cellulite by bossing around the vapid bimbettes whom her husband hornily humps but can't talk to.’
    • ‘There's hardly any space, so you might as well blend in hornily with the throng.’
    • ‘The plot of Lofting will be familiar to anyone who's even just dipped their reading glasses into the genre: girl gets dumped, sets out in search of her sexual identity, meets perverse mentor, meets second perverse mentor, meets girl, meets boys, meets whip, out-perverts perverse mentors, lives happily and hornily ever after.’
    • ‘Get in ‘big boy’ she whispered to me and without a moments hesitation, I slid across the bonnet, leapt into the car and we drove off happily (and hornily, I might add) into the distance.’