Definition of hornero in English:



  • A tropical American bird of the ovenbird family, often building its oven-like mud nest on the top of a fence post.

    Genus "Furnarius", family "Furnariidae": several species

    Also called ovenbird
    • ‘What is interesting is that the rufous hornero laboriously build a new nest every year, abandoning their nests to be used by other animals.’
    • ‘Also seen along the way into town were red-legged seriema, crested tyrant, rufous horneros, white-rumped swallows and blue and white swallows.’
    • ‘The chalk-browed mockingbird, rufous-bellied thrush and brown-and-yellow marshbird reject pure white cowbird eggs, while the rufous hornero rejects eggs according to size.’
    • ‘Here you can see hummingbirds, parrots, horneros, sparrow hawks and cock of the rocks, to name but a few.’
    • ‘Based on abundance alone, some possible candidates for avian reservoirs in Córdoba would include chickens, eared doves, Picui ground doves, house sparrows, rufous horneros, great kiskadee, and others.’


Late 19th century: from Spanish, literally ‘baker’.