Definition of horn of plenty in English:

horn of plenty


  • 1A cornucopia.

    • ‘I've always believed in the horn of plenty, and my life is the proof of it for sure.’
    • ‘That way, in the run up to Petrovden the horn of plenty will flow over the electorate - cheap local telephone calls, cheap train tickets, bigger salaries and cheap central heating.’
    • ‘So what does Gore do with a political horn of plenty that he as Clinton's vice president had every right to lay claim to?’
    • ‘There are still those who think that you can get something for nothing, and the primary agent for such legerdemain is always government - an illusory horn of plenty.’
    • ‘Saigon's prosperity starts in the mud, and recently this earth has been good to those who work it in the Mekong River delta south of Saigon, Vietnam's horn of plenty.’
    • ‘This horn of plenty is held by a kneeling Ceres, the goddess of plenty, based on the well-known bronze statue Bather Crouching by the Italian Renaissance sculptor Giambologna’
    • ‘My breasts were the female equivalent of the horn of plenty.’
    • ‘Considering this horn of plenty, it's a rare man, indeed, who can resist the idea of enjoying less than the whole enchilada.’
    • ‘Admiring this suggestive horn of plenty, they become as one.’
    • ‘Loren's reading list of poets is getting ever longer, like the horn of plenty, holding something delicious, as well as nourishing, for poetry lovers with different appetites’
    • ‘This in turn would provoke Turkish outrage, particularly among those who glimpse in Brussels the ‘golden apple ‘of legend - a much-promised Turkish horn of plenty that is always just over the horizon.’
    • ‘That was the horn of plenty, this is the catalogue of sins.’
    • ‘For Panurge, they became the horns of plenty (‘cornes d' abondance,’ 421) signifying the sexual gratification his future wife was sure to bring him.’
    • ‘My vagina, the horn of plenty, the Boat of Heaven, grows eager as the waxing moon.’
    • ‘A few bags of penne rigate, bushels of shells, and fusilli bucati, and I can almost see the silhouette of a horn of plenty in the recesses of my cupboard.’
    • ‘And for those unfamiliar with the Peruvian national emblem, it depicts a vicuna, a horn of plenty and a cinchona tree.’
    • ‘He might even get 130, except that the remaining 100 is likely frozen up in this horn of plenty.’
    • ‘As the title suggests, the author has set the horn of plenty on the table amassing a fine array of examples, exercises, and experts which loosely all relate to the topic of metaphors.’
    • ‘The horn Hercules broke from Achelous' head when he was a bull is made into the horn of plenty by Achelous' water nymphs.’
    • ‘A lot has been written about Napster and, depending on whom you believe, it's either the death rattle or the horn of plenty of the music industry.’
  • 2An edible woodland mushroom with a funnel-shaped cap that bears spores on its greyish outer surface, found in both Eurasia and North America.

    Craterellus cornucopioides, family Cantharellaceae, class Hymenomycetes

    • ‘Antonio Carluccio's delicious little Wild Mushroom Beignets are for those lucky enough to know where to gather chanterelles, boletuses and horns of plenty.’
    • ‘We were not alone; it seemed as if every local was out, basket in hand, prodding and picking a selection of ceps, chanterelles or horns of plenty.’
    • ‘We spread out in a ragged line and look for apricot-coloured, trumpet-shaped chanterelles, or stout, meaty ceps, or black, curled horns of plenty.’
    • ‘The reputation of the horn of plenty varies from country to country.’
    • ‘On the menu was ptarmigan breast baked in horn of plenty mushrooms with caramelised apples, poached onions and broad beans, served with Calvados sauce and potato cake.’


horn of plenty