Definition of hormone therapy in English:

hormone therapy


mass noun
  • The use of hormones in medical treatment.

    ‘hormone therapy is another way to prevent osteoporosis’
    • ‘Most of the side effects of hormone therapy are temporary.’
    • ‘They may recommend hormone therapy or reconstructive surgery on the genitals.’
    • ‘The endocrinologist of the team should be aware of the risk factors or side effects of the hormone therapy.’
    • ‘In more complex cases, your options range from adult diapers to urethral plugs, or from surgery to hormone therapy for menopausal women.’
    • ‘By altering your cancer's hormone supply, hormone therapy can make your tumours shrink.’
    • ‘Younger men tend to have fewer sexual side effects from hormone therapy.’
    • ‘Alternatives to standard oral contraceptive hormone therapy in eating-disordered women with low bone density may need to be explored.’
    • ‘There are ways to phase out of hormone therapy slowly over two to three weeks.’
    • ‘The most common form of hormone therapy, oestrogen plus a progestin, has been shown to increase the risk of breast cancer.’
    • ‘Occasionally there are hormonal problems, which can be successfully treated with hormone therapy.’