Definition of Horlicks in English:



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  • A drink made from malted milk powder.

    • ‘And look very closely at the labels on things like Horlicks and drinking chocolate.’
    • ‘The survey was commissioned by the makers of malted drink Horlicks.’
    • ‘The brand has been advertised with a sleep message since the 1920s, but GlaxoSmithKline, maker of Horlicks, has always been unable to explain the science behind the claim.’
    • ‘On arriving at Happy Acres, I was ushered into the briefing room where I was served Horlicks and Hobnobs by a lovely young instructor called Marvin, who had bleached blond hair and an earring and who told me he was never too busy to chat.’
    • ‘Nutritional drinks such as Horlicks also contain trans fats.’


  • make a Horlicks of

    • informal Make a mess of.

      • ‘One final observation - she made a Horlicks of her job as moderator.’
      • ‘Your reluctance to confess that, just like the rest of us you make a Horlicks of it now and again, is part of the problem.’
      • ‘Apparently, the BBC accused the Government of sexing things up, although Jack Straw insists ministers prefer making a Horlicks.’
      • ‘Felipe made a Horlicks of trying to pass Hamilton and so Kimi got the result.’
      • ‘Oh, and he doesn't seem to mind that Hollywood regularly makes a complete Horlicks of his stories.’
      • ‘Make sure you mark it, though, so you can restore it to the factory-set position if you make a Horlicks of things.’
      • ‘He thought London 2012 Olympics boss Jowell was making a Horlicks of land deals for the Games and wanted to grab the job from her.’
      • ‘I also remember watching a game once where John Parrott used the expression; ‘He's made a right Horlicks out of that!’’
      • ‘Untracked by Brazil's midfield, Kranjcar times his run onto the ball perfectly, but then makes a Horlicks of his header at goal.’
      • ‘Yes the traction control light will occasionally flicker, but the electronic intrusion is measured and actually helps you from making a Horlicks of things.’
      make a mess of, bungle, botch, fluff, fumble, butcher, mess up
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Late 19th century: named after James and William Horlick, British-born brothers whose company first manufactured the drink in the US.