Definition of horizontally in English:



  • In a horizontal position or direction.

    ‘labels are placed horizontally on the cases’
    • ‘My only reservation about the footage is that it suffers from distortion after being horizontally stretched to fill the widescreen frame.’
    • ‘Most trees also possessed horizontally extending lateral roots.’
    • ‘Some wheel mice will also scroll horizontally.’
    • ‘Some pages are too wide, making it necessary to scroll horizontally to read them.’
    • ‘To serve, place the salmon skin side down and slice horizontally into thin pieces.’
    • ‘Road signs hung on posts drilled horizontally into the cliffs.’
    • ‘At transform fault boundaries, the plates move or slide horizontally past each other.’
    • ‘Using a sharp knife, slice horizontally through the middle of each piece of chicken.’
    • ‘The cables are strung horizontally through a series of intermediate vertical wooden or metal posts.’
    • ‘The ladders are extended horizontally on the floor to the required length.’