Definition of hoppy in English:



  • See hop

    • ‘Manager Susan Simpson said: ‘We aimed for something very pale, very fruity and very hoppy, at a strength of 4.2.’’
    • ‘The flavour was tangy and hoppy (nice Goldings hops) with a lengthy crisp and refreshing finish that was well balanced with the malt.’
    • ‘It is very aromatic and hoppy, with notes of lemon and cinnamon, and its cold fizz helps to cleanse and cool the palate.’
    • ‘The sweetness of the honey soothes the whisky's spicy, hoppy flavour.’
    • ‘Another curious ad on a bus shelter: Summit Beer has a new brand called ‘Grand’ - it's a cheerful beer for the Bud crowd, the people who find hoppy beers too bitter, too harsh, too unbeery.’
    • ‘Malt aromas lead the way on the nose, the first sip is malty, and then there is a surge of sharp hoppy flavours that spiral around until the swallow.’
    • ‘After agonising briefly, I opted for a pint of Brideshead: a deliciously hoppy beer with an underlying cool bitterness and a texture that lingers on the tongue.’
    • ‘The ale from the brewery in Ashton-Under-Lyne was described as ‘very pale and hoppy, strong, and made using only Chinook hops’.’
    • ‘Less strong than Shephard Neame's flagship Bishop's Finger at 4.7 per cent, Spitfire is a full-bodied, rounded, clean beer with a hoppy flavour which is served at its best just below room temperature.’
    • ‘It never goes dark, so changeover point between night and day is hard to fathom - especially after one too many pints of Sonny Priest's Jubilee Ale, a hoppy little number brewed especially for the occasion.’
    • ‘Maybe when the cash really starts coming next door from their ‘One Red Dog’ restaurants they could look into brewing a full bodied hoppy ale as an established tap beer.’
    • ‘For six years the on - site micro-brewery has been producing the hoppy New Light Ale, a smooth brew called Braveheart, the ruby malt Ale of Atholl and the robust Old Remedial.’
    • ‘It was a delicious hoppy brew, very thirst quenching.’
    • ‘Now, there are plenty of places in Shanghai to get a decent brew - if you are willing to pay for it - but there is a definite dearth of hoppy beers in our city.’
    • ‘Having hoppy beers early will ruin the taste of less hoppy beers later.’
    • ‘The aroma is really fruity and also contains floral notes, the taste is hoppy, typical of a Pilsner, although surprisingly sweet to balance this spicy hop bitterness.’
    • ‘The beer is described in this year's Good Beer Guide as ‘a refreshingly hoppy beer with fruit throughout’.’
    • ‘Only the feisty, hoppy notes of beer can cope with the bite of cheddar and the juicy, vinegary, pickled onions and gherkins.’
    • ‘In pre-filled flagons, they had Parrot & Jigger's two Katipo Pale Ales - go for their stronger Pale Ale as it's still easy to drink and more hoppy, herbaceous and spicy in the flavour.’
    • ‘Wiltshire is the only county with blind houses which were lock-ups for trouble-makers and drunks and the new Blind House beer will be available in October, a dark, hoppy, full bodied beer with hints of red wine and cinnamon.’