Definition of Hopi in English:


nounPlural Hopis

  • 1A member of a Pueblo Indian people living chiefly in north-eastern Arizona.

    • ‘Two American Baptist mission women named Mary whom the Hopis soon dubbed the ‘Mission Marys’ founded it.’
    • ‘With coal, natural gas, oil and uranium minerals resources, the Hopis are members of the Council of Energy Resource Tribes.’
    • ‘The Hopis addressed the sacredness of the holy mountain, and the bureaucrats focused on how much space religious freedom required.’
    • ‘Other Hopis sell them to tourists as souvenirs.’
    • ‘Smallpox killed three of every four Hopis and later the epidemics reduced them to a few hundred.’
    • ‘They like to be called what they are - Utes, Hopis, Zunis - and collectively, they answer to ‘first people’.’
    • ‘It was not until the 1890s, however, that silver jewelry began to be produced by the Hopi.’
    • ‘The reason we're involved is because the Hopis would have a problem evicting non-Indians.’
    • ‘The high alkaline content of the chamisa ashes create a distinctly blue-green color, which holds a religious significance for the Hopis.’
    • ‘The Navaho often engaged in sporadic warfare with the pueblo (village)-dwelling peoples, such as the Hopi.’
    • ‘Finished on New Year's Day 1905, Hopi House is built out of yellow stone and adobe in the centuries-old style of the Hopi.’
    • ‘They come to the Hopi for six months each year, arriving during the February Bean Dance.’
    • ‘The Hopis were producers as well, manufacturing large quantities of cotton cloth and ceramics for the trade.’
    • ‘Piestewa, a Hopi from Tuba City in northern Arizona, is the only American servicewoman to die in the war.’
    • ‘Living among the Hopi in Oraibi's Moqui pueblo, he spent the rest of his life painting the Grand Canyon and Arizona's Native Americans.’
    • ‘But the dissonance between gift and exchange economies helps explain why the Hopis did not achieve their goals.’
    • ‘At the time, no U.S. government official had visited the Hopi (and few would do so before the 1890s).’
    • ‘Should they denounce the Navajo dolls as fakes and frauds, thereby piling more cultural, colonial odium on these people, or should they uphold the integrity of the Hopi?’
    • ‘Before long, the agrarian, sedentary Hopis, the first to settle the area, were encircled by the pasturing, far more populous Navajos.’
    • ‘They share this language with tribes to the south of them, as well as with the Hopis in the Four Corners region of Arizona, Utah, Colorado and New Mexico.’
  • 2mass noun The Uto-Aztecan language of the Hopi, with around 2,000 speakers.

    • ‘The use of the Xemahoa's awareness of time is probably an allusion to the famous linguistic/anthropological ‘discoveries’ about the tense system of Hopi.’
    • ‘Young and Morgan point out that Navajo, like Japanese, Hopi, Korean, and Persian, is a verb-final language following a subject/object/verb pattern.’
    • ‘The title of the film, Koyaanisqatsi, is derived from Hopi and means roughly ‘crazy life,’ or ‘life out of balance.’’
    • ‘Most Hopis today, including the younger generations, speak both Hopi and English.’
    • ‘The flicks' titles mean, in order, ‘crazy life’, ‘life in transformation’ and ‘war life’, in Hopi.’
    • ‘He never actually spoke to a native speaker of Hopi, or even got closer to one than about 200 miles.’


  • Relating to the Hopi or their language.

    • ‘This could be a potentially fatal situation to the 30,000 Navajo and 10,000 Hopi people who live in this desert climate.’
    • ‘Hotevilla was constructed, hastily, in 1906 by Hopi women, whose men had been incarcerated by the United States and moved to Alcatraz Island to prevent them from moving to southern Utah.’
    • ‘Obviously the candles in question didn't come from a ten-pack sold in the corner shop - these are special Hopi ear candles and the treatment was being administered by trained therapist Marie-Ange Gonzalez.’
    • ‘Another option is Hopi ear candles, named after the Native American tribe who first introduced them to the west.’
    • ‘Bernard and Lenina witness a mixture of Zuni and Hopi rituals that provide a contrapuntal variation on the Solidarity Service Bernard attends in chapter 6.’
    • ‘Recently I turned my attention to certain important events, such as the Millard Fillmore episode, that might shed light on how Hopi society changed as the U.S. developed.’
    • ‘This style is also worn by the Longhair kachina, one of the important Hopi spirits who live in the Peaks and bring rain to Hopiland.’
    • ‘We veered off the usual route to go up into Hopi country, to Tuba City and Oraibi, where the local children tagged after us, mimicking my missing eye with squints while teasing us with obscenities.’
    • ‘Seizing this opportunity, Boyden launched a public relations blitz to create the impression that Navajo overgrazing of Hopi territory was about to ignite a range war.’
    • ‘It is sacred ground to the Navajo, Havasupi and Hopi tribes.’
    • ‘The workshop focuses on the Hopi kachina as a representation of the spirits in nature, especially as they relate to rainfall.’
    • ‘Near the top there are more canyon views, but the sand paintings depicting Hopi legends, and the design of the building itself, have a way of commanding your attention.’
    • ‘This painted desert is the Navajo and Hopi reservation.’
    • ‘A new work by Jonas based on Aby Warburg's study of Hopi imagery will be on view at the Renaissance Society at the University of Chicago, May 3 - June 14, 2004.’
    • ‘The material about the Hopi is interesting, particularly a back-story account of the Hopi legends of the Spider Woman and the Boy.’
    • ‘On the altar, we often use Navajo or Hopi baskets and weavings made of native materials, along with a cholla cactus cross, in place of traditional floral arrangements.’
    • ‘Fierce land disputes between their tribes far predate the 19 th-century creation of the Navajo and Hopi reservations, and continue to this day.’
    • ‘Phoebe Hearst bought most of the tastefully draped baskets and blankets, Hopi kachina dolls, and Navajo silver in her Pleasanton house from the Fred Harvey Company of Albuquerque - once again playing it safe.’
    • ‘Navajos do not live in villages as do their Hopi neighbors, but rather on large pieces of family land.’
    • ‘The Hopi Snake dance is the well-known ‘classic example’.’


The name in Hopi.