Definition of hoper in English:



  • See hope

    • ‘It is very unfair, however, to condemn all ‘banded’ horses as no hopers.’
    • ‘Trish and Peter have been living in London for a few years where Trish runs a school and Pete heads up a team of blokes nailing up buildings to stop no hopers squatting.’
    • ‘They went into the game as no hopers, a team that had no right, said the critics, to even contemplate coming close to Tyrone.’
    • ‘The Scottish National Party is hoping that branding Tories as no - hopers and Labour MPs as nobodies will beat off both parties in different parts of Scotland.’
    • ‘One of the measures taken was that all horses had to qualify to run in the Grand National, thus preventing complete no hopers running as had been the case for many years.’