Definition of hopelessness in English:



mass noun
  • A feeling or state of despair; lack of hope.

    ‘his face bears the expression of utter hopelessness’
    ‘I was overcome by the hopelessness of the situation’
    • ‘He soon realised the hopelessness of the cause when he failed to raise any forces among the subdued and disillusioned people.’
    • ‘Both stories capture the hopelessness and desperation of grinding poverty, but in very different ways.’
    • ‘There is hope in the midst of hopelessness.’
    • ‘I have experienced economic hopelessness a number of times in my life, primarily due to working my way through thirteen years of university study.’
    • ‘We need to raise expectations in this country for those who experience hopelessness.’
    • ‘I did not feel angry, it was more a feeling of hopelessness.’
    • ‘They realise the hopelessness of their situation but cannot bring themselves to discard it either.’
    • ‘There was not the same sense of hopelessness that prevailed in previous conflicts.’
    • ‘The utter hopelessness of attempting to gain sleep while shuttling to and fro inside a coach is almost impossible to communicate.’
    • ‘He did express feelings of hopelessness about his current situation and of an overwhelming desire for help to remain there.’