Definition of hope for the best in English:

hope for the best


  • Hope for a favourable outcome.

    ‘I'll just wait at home and hope for the best’
    • ‘But right now, people here are hoping for the best, but realize that much of the small island could be under water by the time Hurricane Charley passes by Florida.’
    • ‘We have been writing letters to local companies for sponsorship and just hoping for the best.’
    • ‘The project is not about chucking these recruits in at the deep end and hoping for the best.’
    • ‘While hoping for the best, we prepare for the worst.’
    • ‘You have got to pretend everything is okay for your family and keep hoping for the best.’
    • ‘If an airline were inclined to go lax on security, hoping for the best rather than working to guarantee it, its insurers would quickly step in to correct it.’
    • ‘We are urging farmers to ask for help rather than waiting and hoping for the best.’
    • ‘They talked with her father, Melvin, just moments ago, and he told me he is still hopeful though he admitted that with the search in the park today he is preparing for the worst but hoping for the best.’
    • ‘I was fearing the worst, but I was hoping for the best.’
    • ‘The great majority of investors choose to be passive bystanders, hoping for the best and wringing their hands occasionally when they hear of another collapse.’