Definition of hope chest in English:

hope chest


North American
  • A chest containing household linen and clothing stored by a woman in preparation for her marriage.

    ‘she was embroidering dish towels for Rosette's hope chest’
    • ‘Jacobs said she will put together a hope chest for her son, filling it with pictures and mementoes so Gabriel can get a sense of who his father was.’
    • ‘A sweet smelling bouquet of white roses was stuck down in a simple white vase that sat on Anne's cedar hope chest.’
    • ‘Hours later, Tim entered Michael's cabin to find him kneeling by Elisabeta's hope chest and rummaging through it; there were baby clothes, her wedding dress, a quilt… everything Elisabeta held dear.’
    • ‘Beside them was a case of some sort that shimmered in the sunlight, about the size of a small hope chest.’
    • ‘Rebekah had already filled her hope chest with blankets and gowns for her children.’
    • ‘Coming around between it and her old hope chest, she finds her husband admiring himself in the mirror.’
    • ‘She sat on my hope chest at the end of my bed and leaned against the mattress.’
    • ‘Moths hate cedar, making the material an excellent choice for hope chests and closet flooring.’
    • ‘I could pick out the flaws; my room was a bit dusty and there were some dirty clothes in a small pile by my closet door and some folded up clothes sitting on my hope chest under my window.’
    • ‘This mood is furthered by the wooden hope chest, the old-fashioned furniture, and the floral print rug on the floor.’
    • ‘Jared's candlestick holder and Laura's hope chest reflect real colonial design, while William's rabbit skin that he fashioned into a colonial pouch looks like it could be bought in Williamsburg.’
    • ‘Then we had to get the dresser, hope chest, and bedside table to match.’
    • ‘She put back everything, except the shoes and purple dress, into the trunk, closed it, and moved on to the wooden hope chest which sat next to the trunk.’
    • ‘Once she began attending them again, she put away everything she had made for her hope chest, including all the things she had embroidered while getting better, and hid it away in her room.’
    • ‘Ganice spent all her time stitching and embroidering for her hope chest while Jodei and I watched in silence.’
    • ‘They gave each other big wooden boxes and simple things like promise rings and hope chests.’
    • ‘The young bride (16 to 20 years was a common marrying age) prepared for her wedding by filling her hope chest with hand made quilts, tablecloths, and linens.’
    • ‘She didn't buy that business of the guys getting to sew their wild oats while the girls sat home and chastely did needlework for their hope chests.’
    • ‘But the important point to remember is that putting a bench, a low dresser, or a hope chest at the foot of a bed can complete the look of any bedroom, whatever the style.’
    • ‘My mom was cleaning out her hope chest and found some old photo albums.’


hope chest