Definition of hop picker in English:

hop picker


  • A person who picks hops.

    ‘traditionally, hop pickers were paid by the number of bushels picked’
    • ‘The sociologist took a job as a hop picker and surveyed 27 of her co-workers in a Willamette Valley field during the summer of 1907.’
    • ‘I don't see any hop pickers standing out over the bins picking the hops from the bine in time-honoured fashion.’
    • ‘He believed a hop-picker's union would be doomed to failure, as "about half the pickers are women or gypsies, and are too stupid to see the advantages of one".’
    • ‘There were many hop-related occupations, like the hop master who was generally employed to oversee the business, and the hop picker, measurer, and tally man.’
    • ‘In Kent, hop pickers are shown harvesting the hops and in their hoppers' huts after work.’
    • ‘Hop pickers from the East End of London have been arriving in the Kent hop fields during the last few days, and already they're hard at work.’
    • ‘The farm cottages were once used to house fruit and hop pickers.’
    • ‘The smart hop picker knew the importance of gaining the best information about these specifics.’
    • ‘When women responded to the call for manufacturing jobs during World War II, the colorful days of the hop picker all but came to a close.’
    • ‘"I live at the brewery more than I like to admit," said a hops picker who lives right next door.’