Definition of Hooray Henry in English:

Hooray Henry


  • A lively but ineffectual young upper-class man.

    ‘a bunch of Hooray Henrys with more money than sense’
    • ‘A Hooray Henry of the most braying sort regaled his two female acquaintances - and thus the entire carriage - with his stories of earning obscene amounts of money at an investment bank.’
    • ‘If colleges really did take students on the basis of their father's money they would end up with a bunch of Hooray Henrys and lose all credibility.’
    • ‘And what would be the academics' motives for selecting less able Hooray Henrys to teach for the next three years?’
    • ‘Despite their portrayal as Hooray Henrys in knotted hankies, the Lions supporters have been wonderfully good-tempered.’
    • ‘There will be no crackdown on Hooray Henrys spilling out of champagne bars and abusing people.’
    • ‘‘Educated’ at Harrow public school, Mark stood out even among his fellow Hooray Henrys, earning the nickname ‘Thickie’.’
    • ‘If the plan works, there will be no images of Hooray Henries, outlandish hedonism or general drunkenness in the tabloids on Friday morning.’
    • ‘News footage from Britain in 1987 shows champagne-swilling Hooray Henrys uncorking Bolly in celebration of Nigel Lawson's tax-cutting budget.’
    • ‘The younger members, the aforesaid Hooray Henries, think they have the right to ride their horses roughshod wherever they like causing substantial damage.’
    • ‘He ought already to have condemned the Hooray Henrys who disrupted the Commons.’


Hooray Henry

/huːreɪ ˈhɛnri/