Definition of hoopster in English:



North American
  • A basketball player.

    • ‘Considering the past 15 years, the new crop of hoopsters has some mighty big sneakers to fill.’
    • ‘The fast break procession of big-time hoopsters completely overshadows the surprisingly feel-good storyline.’
    • ‘The backboards came down five years ago, leaving local hoopsters to find another place to play.’
    • ‘Savvy hoopsters take a deep breath, exhale, and immediately flip the ball into the net.’
    • ‘The hoopsters take a deep breath, exhale, and immediately flip the ball into the net.’
    • ‘Being outscored, 8-5, in the second half, the Harrington-guided hoopsters concluded the contest with a 27-18 victory.’
    • ‘But he didn't think playing in the late games was that bad of a drain on his fellow hoopsters.’
    • ‘The constant danger, however, is of having writing and art created for a rarefied audience, art that never reaches playground hoopsters.’
    • ‘His team, the Fighting Irish, are the No1 schoolboy squad in the nation, and the 6ft 8in James is the best teenage hoopster in the country.’
    • ‘In order to be a successful hoopster you have to be able to run and keep running for long periods of time.’
    • ‘Launching the Halls, Tennessee-based Cubby Bear Daycare Center, located just outside of Knoxville, was a natural for the hoopster.’
    • ‘She's going to enjoy every ounce of her senior year, then see how she stacks up against the elite hoopsters in the nation.’
    • ‘There's no doubt that our preseason Player of the Year will be one of the hottest hoopsters to watch all season long.’
    • ‘If you slept through last May, maybe you aren't aware that America's favorite thespian hoopster done grown into a gamebreaker.’
    • ‘Chiefs tight end and former Cal hoopster Tony Gonzalez made the first cut for the Miami Heat's summer camp team.’
    • ‘The garnet and blue clad hoopsters competed in four exhibition contests that season, winning each by a comfortable margin.’
    • ‘The LSU Tigers even have a third-generation hoopster.’
    • ‘After a long strike, the pro hoopsters are finally back.’
    • ‘During an era when young hoopsters are taught big talent should come with a bigger ego, Greg Oden is so effusively humble it's unnerving.’
    • ‘Illinois hoopster Luther Head was arrested earlier this month for running a stop sign.’