Definition of hoop iron in English:

hoop iron


mass noun
  • Flattened iron in long thin strips used for binding together the staves of casks or tubs.

    • ‘Yes, some of the convicts were smart enough to make a saw out of the hoop iron on their toilet bucket, and they were able to cut through wood quite easily with their home-made saws.’
    • ‘Steel hatchets, hoop iron and nails were quickly recognized as being vastly superior to stone tools and, as soon as the supply was adequate, the Maori left the Stone Age for the age of metals.’
    • ‘The package was then tied with a piece of ‘hoop iron’ and prepared for burial.’
    • ‘So successful were their efforts in this area that Miller Steel continues to supply hoop iron to many of the leading drinks manufacturers and to all the independent cooperages in Scotland.’
    • ‘Ten tons of hoop iron, eight barrels of glue and 45 kegs of nails were used per year.’
    • ‘Pasley was credited with resolving the debate between the two over the effectiveness of hoop iron in reinforcing the test beams; he concurred with Brunel that the material greatly increased strength.’