Definition of hookbait in English:



  • Bait attached to a hook for fishing (as distinct from groundbait).

    • ‘The carp, or other species then feed on the groundbait ball finding the hookbait in the process.’
    • ‘Regular introductions of loose feed and regular casting to present the hookbait on the drop will bring more bites than infrequent feeding and leaving the tackle in the water.’
    • ‘The fish are rarely to be found fighting among themselves to be first to your hookbait on days like this, but a careful approach with fine tackle and small baits will usually provide some action.’
    • ‘The skill in feeder fishing lies in the fact that you have to be able to cast accurately and be a good judge of how often to cast, for casting not only delivers the hookbait to the swim but the free feed too.’
    • ‘By keeping them in this way I have stored worms for several months and I've always got some hookbaits available whenever I need them.’
    • ‘With a pole you can fish to the same place every time meaning your feed and hookbait can always be together, which means you will catch more fish, simple.’
    • ‘Then after a reasonable period of time, say a couple of hours, retrieve your hookbait until it is near where you placed the next batch of offerings.’
    • ‘Find a spot a few feet out from the bush and introduce a bed of particles with a few samples of hookbait over the top.’
    • ‘After casting out with three pieces of corn on each, I catapulted half a large tin of corn around each hookbait and sat back as evening grew on.’
    • ‘Fishing at 17 metres to the corner of the island he alternated bread and meat hookbaits for a fine mixed net that included carp to 8lb and 25lb of barbel.’
    • ‘After a couple of hours I put a hookbait out and three times it actually took the bait.’
    • ‘All you need then is a matchbox full of big maggots, solely for hookbaits.’
    • ‘Short hooklinks ensure the hookbait is right in amongst the loose feed.’
    • ‘I remember the first ploy I ever used to persuade carp to take my floating hookbait, which they were blatantly ignoring whilst mopping up the free offerings.’