Definition of hook nose in English:

hook nose


  • A prominent aquiline nose.

    • ‘Why sign up for an extreme makeover when I just need to find a boyfriend who will appreciate my hook nose and my scary birthmark?’
    • ‘If you look at medieval paintings of Judas, you'll see the characteristics identified as ‘Jewish’ at the time - red hair, hook nose, that sort of thing.’
    • ‘Over time, Laura's face also stiffens into the role set out for her: ‘It had lost its power of expressiveness, and was more and more dominated by the hook nose and the sharp chin.’’
    • ‘He had a haggard face, with short sandy hair and a hook nose that made him appear to squint.’
    • ‘If a chap's got a hook nose and he goes into politics, he's going to get that nose exaggerated.’
    • ‘He was quite handsome, with a hook nose, and his face was somewhat mask-like in repose but when he was fully engaged it became open and friendly with a broad smile.’
    • ‘Howard could never understand how a brother and sister could be so different: Pete so awkward with his acne and his hook nose; Julie so graceful and gentle-faced like a gazelle.’