Definition of hook-shaped in English:



  • Curved like a hook.

    ‘a hook-shaped claw’
    • ‘The other alternatives to the sea wall include hook-shaped jetties at suitable places, which traditional fishermen in Tuticorin, who depend on manually operated craft and gear, have found useful.’
    • ‘A small, hook-shaped pull bar available that helps you pull the pieces together.’
    • ‘The Dukes of Whitney were all raven-haired and all had the same prominent forehead and hook-shaped nose.’
    • ‘She applies curved or even hook-shaped wisps of color, often arranging them to create a sense of flow from top left to bottom right.’
    • ‘A small hook-shaped cutter is pulled through the barrel to remove a tiny amount of metal.’
    • ‘He found that their hook-shaped spikes would latch onto loops in fur, hair, or clothing, making them incredibly sticky.’
    • ‘When you put on a new chain, it would now skip on both wheels because the cog teeth are now hook-shaped and the flanks are spaced too far apart.’
    • ‘Hook-shaped pendants were originally carved from the tooth of the sperm whale.’
    curved, hook-like, aquiline, bent, bowed, angular
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