Definition of hoodia in English:



  • 1A cactus-like succulent plant native to southern Africa.

    Genus Hoodia, family Asclepiadaceae: several species, in particular H. gordonii

    • ‘Similarly, trade restrictions now apply to hoodia, a cactus native to southern Africa.’
    • ‘Hoodia grows in the world's most inhospitable places where it scarcely rains during the summer.’
    • ‘For thousands of years the Bushmen chewed on the hoodia as an appetite suppressant on long journeys across the desert.’
    • ‘It is developed from the hoodia cactus, which grows in isolated parts of the Kalahari desert.’
  • 2mass noun A compound derived from hoodia which acts as an appetite suppressant.

    • ‘I no longer take hoodia because I now know how much I should be eating to maintain my weight and no longer eat huge meals.’
    • ‘The active ingredient in hoodia is a compound called P57.’
    • ‘The ideal time to take hoodia is 30-60 minutes before each meal.’


Early 20th century: modern Latin (genus name), from Hood, the surname of an English plant grower.