Definition of hooded seal in English:

hooded seal


  • A seal with a grey and white blotched coat, found in the Arctic waters of the North Atlantic. The male has a nasal sac that is inflated into a hood during display.

    Cystophora cristata, family Phocidae

    • ‘A comprehensive assessment of the stock has now been conducted and it is estimated to consist of 110,000 hooded seals at the age of one year or older.’
    • ‘Most of the hooded seal population is distributed in the North Atlantic including the waters around the Maritime provinces, Newfoundland, and into the Gulf of St. Lawrence.’
    • ‘In many species, the nose has been transformed into a display organ, such as the fleshy knob on the snout of the gharial, the inflatable sac of the hooded seal, and the swollen nasal appendage of the proboscis monkey.’
    • ‘In the north Atlantic, harp seals and hooded seals, both ice-breeding species, already migrate to the ice edge in summer and currently form a part of the polar bear's diet.’
    • ‘The Canadian Atlantic coastline hosts some enormous colonies of grey, harp and hooded seals, but this is the notorious site of the much-publicised seal cull by Canadian fishermen.’
    • ‘In the east Atlantic, strandings of individual hooded seals were recently reported in France and Portugal, far south of their usual range.’
    • ‘Whereas harp and hooded seals are a vital part of the complex ecosystem of the Northwest Atlantic, and because the seals consume predators of commercial cod stocks, removing the seals might actually inhibit recovery of cod stocks.’
    • ‘However, the 84 sightings of hooded seals over three years represent a several-times greater frequency than the 31 sightings previously reported over five years in the northern Gulf of Maine.’