Definition of honours system in English:

honours system


  • 1(especially in the UK or other Commonwealth countries) a system of awards and titles conferred by a country or state in recognition of individual achievement or service.

    ‘the British government is conducting a review of the honours system’
    • ‘Charles' advisers are also toying with the idea of a reform of the honours system to reflect the new Scotland.’
    • ‘Mr. Mandela is also an honorary Companion of the Order of Canada, the centrepiece of Canada's honours system.’
    • ‘A Welsh honours system recognising "ordinary people who do extraordinary things" has been announced during a debate in the Senedd.’
    • ‘He publicly criticised the honours system on failing to garner a knighthood.’
    • ‘It is high time the honours system was binned to make our society more equal.’
    • ‘People have called for a shake-up of the honours system.’
    • ‘Scores of leading Australians have quietly snubbed the country's honours system by refusing to accept awards.’
    • ‘A government spokesman said they did not comment on selections for the honours system.’
    • ‘The Australian honours system is free of patronage or political influence.’
    • ‘The SNP has a policy of refusing appointments to do with the honours system.’
  • 2A system of university education in which undergraduates pursue a course of study that leads to an honours degree.

    ‘the traditional honours system of firsts, upper and lower seconds, and thirds would be retained’
    • ‘If the Edinburgh university pilot is a success it will be the first time in nearly 200 years that the structure of the honours system would be challenged.’
    • ‘Due to the flexibility of Keele's dual honours system it is possible to combine two undergraduate science subjects together.’
    • ‘The system could presage a three-year honours degree at Strathclyde University and undermine Scotland's four-year honours system, which distinguishes universities north of the Border from their English counterparts.’
    • ‘Any reference to a course shall be deemed to be a reference to either a Principal Subject within the Dual Honours system, or to a postgraduate programme of study.’
    • ‘How does the honours system work in UK universities?’