Definition of honourability in English:


(US honorability)


mass noun
  • The quality of bringing or deserving honour.

    ‘she was the essence of kindness, honourability, and integrity’
    • ‘The woman was childless, and her "sentiments of piety and honorability" guaranteed "a favorable future" to the girl she hoped to receive.’
    • ‘Despite his years of preaching the essential honorability of man, van Merkensteijn never expected that all his employees would be paragons.’
    • ‘The obvious concepts of taking the high ground, having the sun at your back, forcing your opponent to the edge, etc. all fail to pass the fairness and honorability test.’
    • ‘It recognizes the honorability of deferring dreams for the sake of protecting the people you love.’
    • ‘He brought that honourability with him into the classroom, and at the end of the day it was his young pupils who were the real beneficiaries of it.’
    • ‘Honourability and integrity might well have been his middle names, and when he retired and put the uniform away he did so with a record of service behind him that anyone would be proud and indeed privileged to have.’
    • ‘"What has been said and reported is an offence to the honourability of the Portuguese FA."’
    • ‘It's not every day you will come across a man of his decency, honourability and sheer good nature, and even if you tried it would be impossible to find a flaw in the make up of his character.’
    • ‘But as her closer association with Mr. Darcy had worn down her earlier prejudices, she had come to put a great deal of faith in his essential honourability.’
    • ‘But those of us who know you, know of your honorability and integrity as a certainty.’