Definition of honky nut in English:

honky nut


  • The hard seed capsule of the marri tree.

    ‘they threw honky nuts at the parrots’
    • ‘What I think of as a proper honky nut is about the size of the last section of your thumb, and vaguely spiked.’
    • ‘It's a stretch of road lined with honky nut trees.’
    • ‘How about climbing trees to chuck honky-nuts at your annoying little brothers?’
    • ‘We used to collect them by the bucket load at school and have honky nut wars between teams of kids.’
    • ‘I don't know what the correct name is for these things, but as kids, we called any sort of large nut a "honky nut".’
    • ‘The girls trod gingerly over dry and decayed honky nuts that had fallen from the marri gum.’
    • ‘We walked around the oval and picked some more honky nuts and pine cones.’
    • ‘He showed him some of the honky nuts lying near his tree.’
    • ‘He balanced a honky-nut on his head.’
    • ‘Did you throw a honky nut, Jimmy?’


1980s: of unknown origin.