Definition of honeyed in English:


(also honied)


  • 1(of food) containing or coated with honey.

    ‘sweet honeyed pastries’
    ‘honeyed duck breast’
    • ‘On top of the rice were tender and honeyed pork chops.’
    • ‘He said the life of humans had been made easy by the gods but that humans had lost sight of this through seeking after honeyed cakes, perfumes, and similar things.’
    • ‘We drank a dark pungent ale and ate porridge made of dried beans mashed; and roasted fowls stuffed with bread; and plates of honeyed dried fruits: apples, pears, and cherries.’
    • ‘A plate of lamb chops with honeyed tomatoes needed more cumin and less time on the grill.’
    • ‘There was honeyed rolls, golden bread, and all types of buns filled with all you could imagine.’
    • ‘The display also includes a decorative white Yorkshire rose as well as saffron leeks, honeyed turnips and fruit compote.’
    • ‘The honeyed fila pastries and buttery nut cookies compose a separate late afternoon meal accompanied by thick Greek coffee.’
    • ‘Then the inevitable and auspicious slice of baklava, flaky and honeyed, which brings to mind ancient pleasures, Biblical decadence.’
    • ‘Karen, the Munster regional finalist, won out with her honeyed lamb noisettes, roast root vegetables and rosemary roast potatoes followed by sticky toffee pudding with caramel sauce.’
    • ‘I often choose yoghurt over cream as an antidote to sweet, honeyed desserts, too - though by yoghurt I mean real, natural yoghurt with live bacteria, not the little pots of ersatz flavoured stuff.’
    • ‘There was a giant, fluffy, angel food cake decorated with real rose petals; there was a roast honeyed duck, which Anna obstinately refused to touch, but which Lara and her aunts enjoyed immensely.’
    • ‘I couldn't face any of the usual options for breakfast and instead made do with honeyed bread soaked in milk, but even that was touch-and-go.’
    • ‘They spoke of a rich, honeyed confection, folded in crispy layers and served under a silver dome.’
    • ‘On the side were small bowls of honeyed nuts and figs, with fruit and a small platter of sliced bread.’
    1. 1.1 Rich and sweet in taste or smell.
      ‘as the wine matures it becomes more honeyed’
      • ‘Traditionally unoaked Hunter Valley Sémillon is fairly charmless young, but with age becomes toasty, lemony and honeyed.’
      • ‘It offers the drinker not an overpowering smack of peat, but a delicious honeyed, floral sweetness.’
      • ‘Zingy freshness and honeyed sweetness gives it a touch of class.’
      • ‘The air is fresher and the hint of flowers strengthens until we are overwhelmed by the honeyed scent of broom, pouring in through the car windows.’
      • ‘The whiskey has a vibrant, honeyed character rich with spicy vanilla notes.’
      • ‘I move my head imperceptibly, because of his moustache which brushes against my nostrils with a scent of vanilla and honeyed tobacco.’
      • ‘This late-harvest Sauvignon Blanc - blended with 5% Riesling - is an intriguing choice for a dessert wine, and provides exotic honeyed peach and mango.’
      • ‘Golden amber in colour, the wine takes time to open, but then displays a warm, honeyed aroma with a short, spicy finish.’
      • ‘The wines from these berries have a rich, complex, honeyed character and are often high in residual sugar.’
      • ‘The touch of ice wine lends the drink the slightest honeyed, apricot sort of nose, but doesn't interfere with the brisk essence of the classic martini, which is, above all, dry.’
      • ‘The wine within the goblet was surprisingly full and mellow, with a sweet honeyed taste.’
      • ‘My ginger-mint lamb chops had a melting, honeyed quality that you could taste in the back of your nose.’
      • ‘This sumptuous wine has a strong amber green colour and a honeyed nose.’
      • ‘Pineapples come to us all year but their juice, honeyed yet faintly tart, is more welcome under a grey January sky.’
      • ‘Vouvray Mousseux can often offer more interest than other Loire sparkling wines, to those who appreciate the honeyed aromas of Chenin Blanc, at least.’
      • ‘A noteworthy characteristic lies in the balance of ripe fruit or honeyed sweetness against fruit-driven acidity and an ability to hold on to a zing of piercing acidity even at high ripeness levels.’
      • ‘You don't often find a bottle like this: it's a rare example of a honeyed, luscious, intense Sauternes at a reasonable price.’
      • ‘The Orvieto, on the other hand, was delicious: honeyed, with superb acidity and a hint of almonds and lemons; it was tempting to stick with it all night.’
      • ‘Noble Rieslings tend to be richer, darker and have that honeyed, velvety feel and honeycomb nose and palate.’
      sweet, sweet-sounding, saccharine, sugary, pleasant, agreeable, flattering, adulatory, unctuous
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    2. 1.2 Having a golden or warm yellow colour.
      ‘the light gives a honeyed sheen to the barley and wheat’
      • ‘You think, why doesn't my long, honeyed hair curl elegantly, never frizz and, on command, wisp like that of a character in a fairy tale?’
      • ‘It is an enchanting and quite small cathedral made of honeyed Cotswold stone.’
      • ‘It's actually an island, a fourteen-mile sliver of sandy beaches whose name means ‘golden snake’ in the native Mayan language, and back then, a mere 120 people enjoyed its honeyed shores.’
      • ‘Although the approaching date seems to be making her reflective, she looks resplendent, with her long, golden limbs and honeyed hair.’
      • ‘The cliffs drop away below in a tumble of honeyed sandstone rocks, and below the sun glints off the Pacific Ocean.’
      • ‘She is laughing, crowing with delight as she sits there, her head a mass of golden curls in the honeyed sunlight.’
      • ‘Morning light streamed through the windows of the small room he had rented for the night and the golden rays bathed the cot's only occupant in a rich honeyed glow.’
  • 2(of a person's words or tone of voice) soothing, soft, and intended to please.

    ‘he wooed her with honeyed words’
    • ‘So they abandoned honeyed words and determined to use force.’
    • ‘Jacques sighed, his anger melting away as her voice came across the line in honeyed tones, seductive and dark as velvet.’
    • ‘The painful fact is that no one expects much of them any more beyond good food, bribery and honeyed hypocrisy.’
    • ‘So let's dispense with the honeyed words and just step outside and take care of business.’
    • ‘His gloriously honeyed voice is a warm, agile instrument, suffused with sadness and joy, strength and fragility in equal measure.’
    • ‘It's time for justice. It's time for action and for change, not more honeyed words which lead nowhere.’
    • ‘A few more sentences and I recognised those honeyed accents (from the AM radio in our car at the time).’
    • ‘‘As would I.’ Maria's sweet honeyed voice seemed to make Aidan melt in the chair next to me.’
    • ‘The conversation in the room hushed as his voice filled the hall with honeyed tones.’
    • ‘Mary Chapin Carpenter with her husky, honeyed alto is perhaps the most popular New Folk artist.’
    • ‘Your honeyed words will not easily win me over.’
    • ‘All their honeyed words about sustainable development cannot conceal the fact that, at heart, they are fundamentally opposed to change.’
    • ‘His deep, stern voice cut through the honeyed tones of self-congratulation.’
    • ‘‘So,’ he spoke with a venomous tinge in his sweet honeyed accent, ‘You're going with Frank now?’’
    • ‘At a masterclass given by the English soprano Emma Kirkby, I watched in admiration as a young Dublin counter-tenor, Stephen Shellard, transfixed his audience with his honeyed tone and moving interpretation.’
    • ‘The voiceovers on the TV ads even make the side effects sound almost desirable, as they warn of ‘possible dizziness, fainting, insomnia, dry mouth, and irritability’ in honeyed tones.’
    • ‘Never mind all the usual tosh about developing players for the future, never mind your own honeyed words about playing entertaining rugby and having a happy squad.’
    • ‘He thinks he can get anything he wants with charm and honeyed words and cleverness.’
    • ‘I am drunk on laughter and the honeyed sound of a trumpet in a smoky pub.’
    • ‘I'm afraid that his voice simply does not reach the same gorgeous peaks of luxuriant smoothness as the honeyed tones of some of his colleagues.’