Definition of Honeycrisp in English:



  • A dessert apple of a US variety with mottled red and yellow skin and sweet, firm flesh.

    • ‘Honeycrisp blooms mid-season and is moderately resistant to apple scab and fire blight.’
    • ‘Of course, unless you spend time at farmers' markets you might not know what a Honeycrisp apple is.’
    • ‘For dessert I had the apple and pear crisp ($6) which was prepared with locally grown red delicious and honey crisp apples; Bosc, Anjou, and Bartlett pears; an almond crisp topping; vanilla ice cream; and caramel sauce.’
    • ‘For folks who prefer sweeter apples, Tom recommends 'Gala,' the season's opener; the explosively crisp 'Honeycrisp' and late-season 'Fuji,' which he says is the world's best-keeping sweet apple.’
    • ‘So in the odd mix of agronomy and product development that is the farming business in much of New York, consider the Honeycrisp apple.’
    • ‘Maybe apple people are getting a little overly excited about the Honeycrisp apple.’
    • ‘Buttressed by poles and green wires every few feet, the saplings bulge with glimmering red Braeburn and honey crisp apples.’