Definition of honeycreeper in English:



  • 1A tropical American tanager (songbird) with a long curved bill, feeding on nectar and insects.

    Genera Cyanerpes and Chlorophanes, family Emberizidae (subfamily Thraupinae): five species

    • ‘The Red-legged Honeycreeper (Cyanerpes cyanueus), also known as the Yellow-winged Sugarbird, is found from Southern Mexico, through Latin America to Northern South America.’
    • ‘The male Yellow-legged or Purple Honeycreeper (Cyanerpes caeruleus) is a beautiful bird that keeps his color year-round.’
    • ‘The tanager family of North and South America boosts some of the most beautiful of all the creatures; included in the family are honeycreepers or sugarbirds, dacnis, and euphonias.’
  • 2A Hawaiian songbird of variable appearance and with a specialized bill, several kinds of which are now endangered.

    Family Drepanididae (or Fringillidae): several genera and species, often with Hawaiian names such as the iiwi and ou

    • ‘It happened on the Hawaiian islands, when two small birds called honeycreepers ultimately produced more than 50 distinct species that swarmed the forests.’
    • ‘Thirteen other species of a type of bird known as the Hawaiian honeycreeper had also become instinct.’
    • ‘These bright red rainforest honeycreepers have long, curved bills that are ideally suited for sipping nectar from Hawaiian lobelias.’
    • ‘To date, mitochondrial rate calibrations have been generated (in chronological order) for geese, Hawaiian honeycreepers, cranes, partridges, procellariiform seabirds, and ratites.’
    • ‘Parental care of juveniles lasts less than a month for the other honeycreepers and has generally ended by the time flocking begins.’
    • ‘Other Hawaiian birds, such as the 20 or so diverse and colorful honeycreepers, face equally grim prospects if the disease hits, Burgett predicts.’