Definition of honeybee in English:



  • A bee of a type that collects nectar and pollen, produces wax and honey, and lives in large communities; a hive bee.

    Four species in the genus Apis, family Apidae, in particular the widespread A. mellifera

    • ‘Although yellow jackets are social insects like honeybees, they use their nests for only one season.’
    • ‘Last year he experimented with honeybees, placing hives around fields in the hopes that the stinging insects would deter elephants from raiding crops.’
    • ‘The report also concluded that earthworms do not feel pain when placed on a fishhook, but that some types of insects such as honeybees might deserve special care.’
    • ‘So, to clarify, honeybees go out and collect nectar.’
    • ‘But such fights between English honeybees and Australian native honeybees weren't equal encounters.’
    • ‘Bee pollen consists of blended pollen grains collected by honeybees from a wide variety of plants.’
    • ‘A worker honeybee that stings us to defend her mother and other family members in the hive is doomed, for she cannot extract her barbed stinger from her victim without ripping out her innards in the process.’
    • ‘The dance of the honeybee communicates the location of flowers to other members of the hive.’
    • ‘Plants use various means to entice animals to do the work of spreading plant genes, whether the animals are human farmers or pollen-bearing honeybees.’
    • ‘Adult worker honeybees were caught from four different hives.’
    • ‘Native Himalayan cliff bees must now compete with European honeybees for nectar.’
    • ‘The school played a strong role in the community, including the funding last year of six goats and three hives of honeybees for Africa.’
    • ‘The insects most likely to cause allergic reactions are wasps, honeybees, hornets, yellow jackets and ants.’
    • ‘A honeybee can carry on its body about 5 million pollen grains at a time - which then brush off onto other flowers of the same species to pollinate them, Lin said.’
    • ‘It is thought that honeybees can gather nectar and pollen from Australian plants without pollinating the plants.’
    • ‘In fact, the effect is not much greater than a sting from a regular honeybee.’
    • ‘Even accounting for native bee pollinators, honeybees still do most of the pollinating of fruits and vegetables in your garden.’
    • ‘No other insect has such a high level of communication skills as Apis mellifera, the honeybee; no other insect lives in such a complicated, sophisticated social society.’
    • ‘In all experiments, the numbers of codling moths, honeybees, and muscoid flies were counted in each trap.’
    • ‘Like normal honeybees, it stings in self defense or in defense of the colony and dies in the process.’