Definition of honey locust in English:

honey locust


  • A spiny tree of the pea family, grown as an ornamental for its fernlike foliage.

    Genus Gleditsia, family Leguminosae: several species

    • ‘Near the terrace of one of the college buildings was a row of planted thornless honey locust trees.’
    • ‘A favorite stroll in Riverside Park takes me past a row of honey locust trees.’
    • ‘When you're here, head straight to the honey locust tree, which stood right next to our 16th president on that cold, fateful day in November 1863.’
    • ‘Now that it was night, he was unsure if it was a black locust tree or a honey locust tree; black locust trees' pods were toxic, honey locust's perfectly fine.’
    • ‘Trees can be planted in pastures for nuts, fruit, or even animal fodder in the case of honey locust and its nutritious pods.’
    • ‘American elm, honey locust, and box elder line the small creek, whose waters ultimately flow into the Iowa River.’
    • ‘These extinct American herbivores once dispersed the seeds of such big-fruited plants as honey locust, Kentucky coffee tree, and Osage orange, all of which produce fruits that no native animal today regards as food.’