Definition of honey buzzard in English:

honey buzzard


  • A large Eurasian bird of prey resembling a buzzard, having a small head and long tail, feeding on bees and wasps and their nests.

    Genus Pernis, family Accipitridae: three species, in particular P. apivorus

    • ‘A honey buzzard set off in heavy pursuit of a Bonelli's eagle, and a clean looking Scavenger vulture flew on in solitary splendour.’
    • ‘Research elsewhere in the UK has confirmed that adverse weather is not a dominant factor in the success of breeding honey buzzards.’
    • ‘Meanwhile, whether it's a rare honey buzzard one day or a champion racehorse the next, the animal hospitals remain busy and stimulating places.’
    • ‘This project aims to trace the migration and wintering sites of the small population of honey buzzards which live in the Highlands.’
    • ‘Before she began monitoring the poachers, more than 5,000 supposedly protected birds - mostly honey buzzards, falcons, storks, orioles, kestrels and swallows - were slaughtered each year.’
    • ‘Some were seen shooting at honey buzzards from every imaginable place, the police source said.’
    • ‘Finally, the honey buzzards, young griffon vultures and hobbies mark the end of the spring or prenuptial migration, around the end of June.’
    • ‘The location of the nest is being kept secret, as honey buzzards are a prime target for egg collectors and are a species of conservation concern throughout Europe.’