Definition of honey-sweet in English:



  • 1Having a very sweet taste.

    ‘honey-sweet strawberries’
    • ‘‘She's too afraid, you mean,’ he mocked, his voice suddenly honey-sweet.’
    • ‘He slowly began to crunch on the rolls, knowing he would want them to last, enjoying their delicious honey-sweet taste.’
    • ‘Banana trees were much more difficult to climb with their huge, graceful leaves, but big bunches of the stubby, honey-sweet, matt-yellow fruit were within our reach.’
    • ‘Her voice was honey-sweet, and it reminded me of better days.’
    • ‘To them and their allies we say: ‘where are your honey-sweet promises?’’
    1. 1.1 (of a person's voice) soothing or soft.
      ‘that honey-sweet tone of hers’
      • ‘And Pa, voice still honey-sweet despite his asthma, would lead the Grodner in Yiddish songs.’
      • ‘With a honey sweet tone she spoke again.’
      • ‘And you listened, with your eyes closed and a smile on your lips, like I was M. S.S doling out in her honey-sweet voice.’
      • ‘"He's too… too… too afraid you mean," mocked Jackal, his voice suddenly honey-sweet.’
      • ‘Sing, delirious beauty honey sweet your luscious cries.’
      • ‘Many mistook the honey-sweet vocals on the track for Bajan sensation Rupert "Rupee" Clarke.’
      • ‘Therefore is this my discourse set out in fair verse, good, honey-sweet, pure, delightful to the listening ear.’