Definition of honest-to-God in English:



  • attributive Genuine; real.

    ‘an honest-to-God celebrity’
    • ‘If, however, you're an honest-to-God psychic then I guess there's no point in seeing this; you already know what's going to happen.’
    • ‘And I can tell when he's fibbing or when he's telling the honest-to-God truth.’
    • ‘She is a brash, abusive, and obnoxious woman who seems to think she's a real, honest-to-God filmmaker.’
    • ‘Everyone here treats them with honest-to-God conservative compassion, and they seem to be just fine with that.’
    • ‘It is an honest-to-God piece of calypso music, the tempo resolutely upbeat and the mood positively festive after the first couple of tracks.’
    • ‘It's a paragraph from an honest-to-God news item.’
    • ‘‘I don't even know how to put this into words, to tell the honest-to-God truth,’ Harvick said after the win.’
    • ‘The flying was spread out over a couple of days and, at one point, he was doing a real, honest-to-God interview with me.’
    • ‘The best solution is full-blooded, honest-to-God privatisation.’
    • ‘The embarrassing truth is that the book needed much more editorial care and honest-to-God desk editing.’
    • ‘If we are to judge journalism by the Washington press elite, it would appear that the art of honest-to-God investigative journalism is in retreat - and has been for some time.’
    • ‘Observers can debate whether the President considers his embellishments and misrepresentations to be the honest-to-God truth or whether he cynically hurls falsehoods to con the public.’
    • ‘I'm looking forward to next semester, my first as an honest-to-God arts student.’
    • ‘She knew the next question Shawn was going to ask, and intended to answer it with the honest-to-God truth.’
    • ‘It had been years since an honest-to-God woman had been in his life.’
    • ‘For two weeks I allowed myself foolish daydreams about going on an honest-to-God date.’
    • ‘The honest-to-God truth is that nobody in Russia or the West knows what he is going to do as president.’
    • ‘I'm not involved with anyone else, that's the honest-to-God truth.’
    • ‘The honest-to-God truth was, he probably didn't care.’
    • ‘She's an honest-to-God psycho when it comes to those things.’


  • Genuinely; really.

    ‘‘You mean you didn't know?’ ‘Honest to God!’’