Definition of homomorphic in English:



  • 1Of the same or similar form.

    • ‘In organisms in which gender is based on one sex being homomorphic and the other heteromorphic for the sex chromosomes, a process has evolved to equalize the output of products encoded by the genes located there.’
    • ‘For quality control data we adopted the same homomorphic pattern by adding a further level of abstraction.’
    • ‘These terms describe the flower morphology, where homomorphic plants produce identical flowers, and the determination of self-incompatibility or compatibility is predominantly regulated at the genetic level.’
    • ‘Model systems for homomorphic self-incompatibility in flowering plants share these characteristics.’
    1. 1.1Mathematics Relating to or of the nature of a homomorphism.
      • ‘A possible choice is the use of homomorphic encryption.’
      • ‘Homomorphic mappings of rings into fields are very common in commutative algebra and in its applications.’
      • ‘It had a great number of very interesting subgroups, including two more previously unknown simple groups, as well as groups having as homomorphic images almost all the finite sporadic simple groups known at that time.’
      • ‘Let B be a homomorphic image of A.’
      • ‘All mathematical models in ecology can be divided into two groups: isomorphic and homomorphic models.’